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Hello to all
I've been browsing LJ for months and I haven't really done anything here. I'm what you'd call a lurker. I look around, but draw no attention to myself. But as of now, I will try to start using this more often and post stuff to communities and etc... But first things first. You must be wondering "Who the blaze is this girl?" Well I can answer that in few sentences... or not   :B

Hello, my name is Sophia.

One thing you must know about me before you read any further, is that I get obsessed with things rather easily. For instance, I am an Anglophile (obsessed with all things from the United Kingdom), I'm a fanficaholic (I read about a Novel's worth of fan fiction daily) and I am attracted to older men (preferably British)

You still there? Good, now lets get to the basic facts:

I live in Canada (Eskimoland as we natives prefer to call it...no wait, that's just me :S)
I want to become a University professor of European History some day (preferably sooner than later)
I have a wide verity of music I like to listen to.
I like books most people my age would never read unless forced to.
I'm a tad on the crazy side (but the good crazy) and say outrageous things sometimes.
I wish I could write fan fiction, but I'm terrible at coming up with plots and have terrible punctuation, spelling and grammar.
I'm somewhat of an artist and have a deviantArt account under the same user name.
I watch more British television than I do regular Canadian?American television (thank god for the interweb)

I'm going to stop before I go on and on and on. If you want to know more about me, just ask.


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